One of the main events in Brazil to discuss the contemporarities and the transversalities of architecture, design and art, BOOMSPDESIGN offers a fantastic schedule for 2012.

This year, the BOOMSPDESIGN will be held on August 22nd , at University Belas Artes,, and and 23rd -24th at D & D Mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With a strong support of national and international media, the BOOMSPDESIGN is a unique moment for architects, designers, artists, publishers, academics, retailers, creative marketers, industrial and Brazilian businessmen have to learn with the most creative people , representing the national and international current concepts.

Gathering in lectures, workshops and shows , well known designers and young talents will be showing their creativity. The BOOMSPDESIGN is synonymous of innovation, enabling its participants, speakers, sponsors and partners to identify new possibilities to development their products and companies.

Come to BOOMSPDESIGN 2012, attend lectures, visit exhibitions that represent different facets of creative architecture, design and art today.
According to Beto Cocenza, cofounder and promoter of BOOMSPDESIGN "The attendees of this coming edition will have a comprehensive sample of creativity of our present time. Since its first edition in 2008, the conference puts together a great group of professionals, with a massive amount of information.
The designer of the year, will be a nice surprise , a young Englishman, currently one of the most influential and inspirational talent that surely will have much to trade with the Brazilian community - more information soon. "

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