Brazil's NOVA BOSSA : BOOMSPDESIGN Conference 2011 Highlights International Designers and Design

Held in Sao Paulo, August 29th to September 2, 2011

The giant, Brazil, has awakened from its design leader nap and is once again a player in the creative world, with new design, art and architecture to stand among its international peers. BOOMPSDESIGN, a series of conferences taking place yearly in Sao Paulo, has quickly established itself as a catalyst for connecting this exciting Brazilian moment to the global experience, bringing together designers and artists from all over the world to showcase and discuss their work and passion.

Prior to this fourth edition, which is organized by curator and cultural promoter Roberto Cocenza, the conference has hosted the likes of such international design stars as Karim Rashid, Carlos Miele, Arne Quinze, Greg Foley, Emin Kadi, Ruy Othake, Sergio Rodrigues, Brunno Jahara and Roberto Loeb as presenters and attendees.

This year’s edition, promises to be just as exciting, featuring Studio Dror, Matali Crasset, Paul Clemence, Cat, Harry, Chad Oppenheim, Mount Fuji, Jade Dressler, with both FriendsWithYou and Green Provocateur, adding the collaborative art meets urban/street setting element to the mix. Among the Brazilians, Brunete Fraccaroli, FGMF, Glauco Diogenes, Guilherme Torres, Sergio Matos, and Zoe Melo will attend.

“To think, discuss, introduce and imagine architecture, design and art” is the proposal of “Beto” Cocenza, Founder of BOOMSPDESIGN, who is known as an Impressario of the Arts, bringing together international architects, artists, designers with the public to fuse the Brazilian voice on an increasingly hybrid map of creators, projects and influence.

Original exhibits are part of the conference, the latest exhibits planned are - one on Karim Rashid's work and another on cutting-edge magazine Visionaire held at Intituto Tomie Ohtake.

Events in August, open to the public, will preview conference, at Belas Artes. Highlighted are two lectures, one by Miami’s Rene Gonzales on August 9th ( sponsored by Ornare and a Mount Fuji lecture on August 15. Karim Rashid will lecture on August 30 for invited guests only,

As a sign of how currently the disciplines and practices interact in a well orchestrated manner in Sao Paulo, the event is made possible by some of the major local design and cultural players, like the Centro Universitário Belas Artes São Paulo, D&D Shopping, Editora Master Books, Mekal, Ornare, Viking, VIALIGHTDESIGN, and Tsuneishi Group from Japan and, a combination of retailers, educators, manufacturers and trade associations.

Among the innovations this year, are the workshop series with participation by Pororoca Design, Gustavo Camilo, Andre Cruz, Sergio Matos, Zanini de Zanine, Vaca Valiente, Zoe Melo, and Tulio Tavares and the "honored designer," this year, graphic designer and illustrator Glauco Diogenes.
As part of BOOMSPDESIGN, an exhibit entitled "reset .11.03.11 new paradigms" will showcase contemporary Japanese architecture, displaying the works of several architects from different generations. The four firms are Anywheredoor, Cat, Mount Fuji and Ryuichi Ashizawa. The projects shown will highlight a design approach intrinsically linked to human and territorial needs as a symbiosis of space and time; the limit of nature upon mankind. Anywhere door is the group organizing the project, concept and curatorship and the following architects are part of it: Kengo Kuma, CAt, Hiroshi Sambuichi, Kumiko Inui, Jun Igarashi, Sou Fujimoto, Ryuichi Ashizawa, Mount Fuji and Kazuyasu Kochi.

This creative forum gives a platform to discuss and get acquainted with how new design emerging from Brazil is influencing the latest international design trends, art and expression.

Event info:

BOOMSPDESIGN – 4° Fórum Internacional de Arquitetura, Design e Arte


DATES: August 31st to September 1st
Location: Centro Universit•rio Belas Artes de Sao Paulo
Rua José Antônio Coelho, 879 – Vila Mariana

DATE: September 2nd
Location: D&D Shopping – WTC Teatro
Av. das Nações Unidas, 12.555

Fórum enrollment:
R$ 300,00 professionals
R$ 150,00 students

Information: (11) 3887-8606
For more details, complete lecture list and schedule, please visit:

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