ViaLight Design releases Eclipse

Pendant signed by North American Designer Harry Allen

Eclipse, ViaLight Design’s new line of pendants, arrives at the décor market radiating energy.

North American Designer Harry Allen found inspiration in nature to create the new lamps. They consist of aesthetically elaborated pieces, which cultivate and value elements of the earth and the sky.

The pendants draw on sensual shapes, which resemble palm tree trunks. Their structure is composed of superimposed domes, which seem to sprout one from another, symbolizing all that emanates from nature.

The pendant’s name alludes to the light that escapes from slits between the aluminum domes, resembling the circle formed around the moon during a solar eclipse.  


The ViaLight Design pendants are available in either brushed aluminum or painted in various colors, and in two different shapes, Eclipse I (41 x 72 cm) and Eclipse II (29 x 64 cm).

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  The design of Eclipse I garnered an award by the Brazilian Lighting Industry Association (Abilux). It took first place in the Stores, Shopping Centers category, at the 2012 Abilux Lamp Design Award


ViaLight Design - © - by Claudio Souza Webdesign
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